A downloadable Eviction Evader for Windows

In Eviction Evader, the protagonist Dave has worked his whole life to earn enough money to have his own farm. He buys a land plot and gets to work starting up his farm, which barely makes enough money to keep going, but makes Dave happy. As the farm starts to struggle some more, Dave begins to receive eviction notices in the mail and later has lawyers threaten him, saying that they will take his property themselves. Desperate to keep his land, Dave will do anything to protect his farm and to keep the developers away. In this First Person Shooter game, you will help Dave defend his property against construction workers and lawyers. Will a potato gun, a sack full of manure, and lots of dedication be enough to save Dave’s dream farm?

Install instructions

Just download and extract the zip, then run the executable!


EvictionEvader.zip 115 MB

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